Picture Prompt 250 – Want Fries With That?

“Stop shoving me!  I’m about to fall in!”  Julie was righting her balance while holding the flashlight straight up.  “I can’t tell if it’s the Milky Way, a Close Encounter, or if we’re in the Twilight Zone.” Laughing at her companion, himself almost slipping into the abyss, she backed up to be in a safer place.  “You think they’re coming out of this hole, or landing in it?”

Jerry also backed away from the edge, looking up.  He was fascinated by the display in the sky.  ”  Maybe you should turn off the light, Julie.  I don’t want them thinking we’re interested.”

“But we are interested.  Don’t you think it’s amazing?  What if they’re landing!  Jerry, would you ever want to visit another planet?”

Jerry couldn’t believe she actually asked him that.  “Are you crazy?  You could be experimented on, killed, or eaten!  That would probably be the worst, eaten. . .”

As Julie turned off the flashlight, the phenomena disappeared.  “Well, we’ll never know now, will we?  I wonder if they use ketchup on their fries?”



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