Daily Prompt:  Finite – I wish it was!

Once again the Prompt fits. The dentist appointment I was dreading? It was this morning at nine. Cloudy and cool so excellent day for sleeping in, but as usual I woke up before the alarm. I don’t even know why I bother with alarms since I always wake about ten minutes before they go off. Then of course it’s the “should I try to sleep, or just get up” syndrome. But I digress😂

Waited outside for the curb to curb bus which was late but arrived at the dentist before scheduled appointment time. Waiting for about five minutes to be acknowledged, the bus having left, she just looked at me, which wasn’t surprising since it was my first visit.  

Found out I wasn’t scheduled at any time but they’d try to fit me in. After watching numerous patients walk in, I told her my bus was picking me up in a half hour and would I be done by then. I’m sure we can fit you in. Uh huh. I add there was not one friendly person or a smile anywhere in the vicinity. I called the bus and asked if they could pick me up early.

Sitting on the sidewalk I decided that office has no finite system and I’m going to find a different one. Their handicapped access has huge fissures in the sidewalk so it was hard to navigate around them, plus the entrance is slanted uphill! Okay, all those factors combined, I’m not visiting them again.

Just when you think you’re having a hard day, you roll out of the DDS office, no problem except the uphill was now a downhill race track to the street…I noticed a man waiting for the bus. Remember Jack Paar anyone? He used to say “I kid you not”. Well consider it said. This man had a neck brace, head bandaged, a huge surgical wrap around his middle and a cane. To make the vision more distressing, he had a rolling cart that had a trash can tied to it with various articles also hooked on it. I didn’t laugh.

One more thing, while waiting for the second bus ride, my friend from Houston called. All things are ruined. I asked about looters. She said someone took their soaking wet Tempur-pedic king sized bed! Sorry, you have to laugh. What kind of vehicle could carry that, much less a human? She and her husband are fortunate to have means and insurance, but it’s still a moldy, muddy, stinking mess.



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  1. I managed to get through hurricane Gloria years ago but everything I owned was wet and becoming mouldy…I left the house after a day of shoveling mud out and locked the door. Came back after the trip to the grocery to find someone had broken in and taken the sofa cushions…NOT the sofa. just the sodden cushions. ya never know.

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