JSW Prompt – The Closing Gate

Photo:  csknotts

She stared at it a while as she did each time she passed by.  Is this the day to open it?  She knows once she steps inside, the pain will be gone.  Sarah wanted the pain gone, but all of her memories of him obliterated, once and for all. . . all of them? “I can’t keep the good ones, the touch, the kiss, the never-letting-go embrace?”

“If I step through the gate, they say I will shut him out forever.  There will be nothing left of him in my heart.  That is why I haven’t stepped through yet.  I don’t know if that pain would be worse than the one I have now.  I wonder if he has gone through yet.  His survival depends on it, so he must have.”

“Surely I will have some memory of him after the gate closes, surely a love so complete, so strong it could conquer almost anything, surely”. . . Sara stepped closer to the gate. 

It was as if her mind ruled over her heart,  suddenly reminding her that love did not win over all. It was done. She felt almost pushed to step inside.  Sarah opened the gate and turned, watching it close behind her.



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