Daily Prompt:Tether

When shopping my kids were under control. They would stay in sight, not run around, throw tantrums, or scream and act like they were in the backyard. In other words they were in public and expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner.  

When shopping or working retail, I would and do see and hear totally obnoxious children. Maybe they are miserable kids or have miserable parents? If a child is out of control, then leave. Don’t make others enjoy it also.

I often saw and surprisingly, still see children left to be on their own, even babies and toddlers in baskets or strollers, or children running ahead or behind their caregivers in a parking lot. This is so dangerous, I don’t understand it.

Tethering a child may be the only way parents feel their child is safe. Maybe that is a solution, but it bothers me. Children are not pets to be kept on a leash. If you have to resort to this, then get a babysitter?


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