Alphabet Soup Challenge – K for Kong

All things being equal

I don’t like sequels

Seems every movie made

Never seems to fade

Possibly a year or two

Then there is a rendezvous

Of characters and a similar plot

Gee, Hollywood, is that all you’ve got?

Another thing they seem to do

Is remake some oldies too

I suppose I may be wrong

But take the example of “King Kong”.

In 1933, they made the first Kong

Then “Kong vs Godzilla” came along

The “Son of Kong” and “Queen Kong” ran

“Edo in arawareta Kimgu Kong:Henge no maki” from Japan

“King Kong Escapes”, “King Kong Lives” – Is this getting long?

Then “Mighty Kong” sang his song.

The “King Kong Show” in anime.

Then plain “King Kong” again was played

Cartoon version “Kong” in 2000, sakes alive!

Then a three Academy Award winner in 2005

Not to be outdone “Kong, King of the Apes” in 2016

– An animated web series I haven’t seen.

The newest version, “Kong:Skull Island” first in a series of three

Then add Co-star Godzilla, second in the series, oh what glee!

The official count is nineteen

There may be more hidden in a film canteen.


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