Alphabet Soup Challenge – S

Okay, if you have a weak stomach, don’t read.

I just watched a movie where even the good guys SPIT.  It’s a given for the villainous ones. What is this?  

Even women in sports feel free to SPIT right on the road, sidewalk, tarmac, street, sidewalk, tennis court or grass.

I’ve been to baseball games.  The guys chew, and SPIT, sometimes big wads of used chewing tobacco are lining the dugouts.  I wonder how much the guy that cleans up this mess gets paid?  It would never be enough to make me do it.

Going into a store or mall parking lot, it used to be the worst thing you would step in would be gum.  Now it’s either someone’s big SPIT glob or chew.

I’ve been in public places where a guy carries around a soda can to SPIT in.  That’s nice to see and hear, especially when you’re having a drink or snack with your kids.

This disgusting practice has to stop. I was going to say habit, but it’s no habitual activity.  They’re  not addicted to SPITTING.  They’re just doing something nasty, rude, and gross for all to see.  I’m not even going to mention the health risks.  Well, guess I just did.  My bad.


4 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup Challenge – S

  1. Major League Baseball is doing what it can to prevent tobacco use, including snuff and chewing tobacco. The Minor Leagues have banned any tobacco use, and there are initiatives at the Major League level to get guys to stop, but some still do. Lenny Dykstra, who played with the Phillies and Mets, had some oral issues and talks to young players to keep them from using it.

    I’m a White Sox fan going way back, and there was a guy named Nellie Fox who always had a big chaw in his mouth when he played. He died young from oral cancer caused by chewing tobacco. A lot of players nowadays chew gum or bubble gum–there are big jars of Bazooka bubble gum in dugouts in the majors–and some players chew on sunflower seeds. Jim Bouton invented “Big League Chew,” bubble gum shredded like tobacco, because he didn’t like chewing tobacco (he talks about trying chewing tobacco and hating it in his book Ball Four).

    Then there’s always Joe Horlen, a White Sox pitcher who used to chew gum and toilet tissue…

    I agree, it’s pretty awful stuff, and the spitting is gross…

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    1. I had a cousin who chewed and got oral cancer. The gum is a good way to help. The old vision of well worn jeans from having a can in your pocket is still seen here, too much.


  2. A vile habit for sure … for all those reasons and maybe more? As an aside. a few months ago I watched someone leaving the apartment block, first he honked out what was in his his nose all over the sidewalk. Then proceeded to wipe his nose the shoulder of the anorak. This was an adult in his adult life. … duh? Cheers Jamie


  3. ya know…i say when totally disgusted “I could just spit”…except I can’t. It’s gross! My momma would come back from her grave and bonk me upside my head! can’t believe I actually laughed over this post…..i am so sick!

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