FFFPP – A War Story

All the kids on the block including me, gave this old house a wide berth. It wasn’t really creepy, just sad. Look at it, everything in disrepair, weeds overtaking everything, it’s pretty bad! But no friend of mine, dared go up those stairs to ask if he needed help. Not one of us wanted to see old Mr. Grant, especially after his wife died. He became almost scary looking, long uncombed hair and beard, with ratty looking clothes.

It all started on June 20, 1950. It looked like an ordinary home then. People came and went as usual neighbors do. It was during the Korean War and their only child had joined the Air Force to serve his country. There was even a flag flying off the landing then. Sad news came on that day in June. Their son had been shot down, presumed dead. It was too much for the young man’s mother. She went into her bedroom and never came out again. Her husband spent his time caring for her and the maintenance of the home was forgotten. He became a recluse and as children,we didn’t understand. He passed away shortly after his wife. The house remains empty.



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