Time to Write – Careful, it’s Hot

She  hated bugs, insects of all kinds, especially spiders.  Tolerating crickets was an old habit from childhood when living in the country meant nightly serenades.  Memories of huge hairy spiders in different dark hues nesting in the corners of the woodshed or high in the rafters of the hay barn still gave her the shivers.

Modern times provided her with convenient methods of disposal for unwanted house guests.  Since she lived alone she was adept at destroying these invaders.  

A cane, broom, spray bottle, or can of hairspray worked wonders.  Not lethal, but incapacitated the creatures long enough to get some long handled instrument of destruction to finish them off.  She never tortured ants or any other living thing as a child, but now she finds the uninvited visits frightening.  

She woke to complete her usual morning routine to discover a spider in the sink.  Turning on the strongest hot water flow possible, she muttered, “Careful, it’s hot“.

Time To Write: Sentence Starter 24


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