Alphabet Soup Challenge – Dance

I watched a show named “World of Dance”. I have always loved dance in all forms, and the individuals who participate in this show/challenge are phenomenal.  Age, history, all of that doesn’t matter, it’s their ability to dance that is their ticket.  Some are very emotional, some cool and clean, others pull at your heartstrings.  

I have a favorite in the group, since I have been watching them on YouTube for a few years.  Their names are Keone and Mari Madrid.  I first saw them at Urban Dance Camp.  At the camp they create, inspire and challenge the participants.  Their style is unique and their symbiotic relationship is visible.  World of dance is good, but if you love dance as I do, I encourage you to visit the videos of Urban Dance Camp on YouTube.

If you want to know why I like them so much, check this out.