Wordle – 161-2 – Newbie Spy

I had achieved it, escaped the blip on the radar and was now a member of the cabal. My paperwork and background check stood up to their inquiries, and now I was in. With absolute certainty I could now opaquely investigate, finding the file I needed.  

They accepted the idea of my leading a hum drum life as an accountant. My fake reputation preceded my entry into espionage. Who would suspect a bean counter of being a spy?  

I pulled myself up, above the level where I would be detected. The alarm didn’t  sound as I loaded the item into the device. I did need to hurry. I was adept at appearing invisible, almost an asomatous, but I also needed to be careful. No one is discovering me, yet.

One more minute and the disc would be complete. No alarms yet. Done! Now I can walk out of the facility with confidence, undetected. I only need to pass the doorway and I’m safe. My hand is on the door. The alarm hasn’t sounded. As my body passes through, I feel invincible.  


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  1. thanks for playing the wordle this week! You’ve done an excellent job teasing out the essences of some of those really challenging words – and worked it all seamlessly into this little tale of intrigue! Great job 🙂

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