The Secret Keeper- Prompt 82

Two sisters, complete opposite in personality, were waiting at the taxi station in front of the airport terminal. Their plane trip had been tiring and they had no change to call their soon-to-be mother in law to pick them up. 

The cause for this trip was their father’s impending marriage to a woman in another state, a thousand miles away. The sisters were happy for them both. Their father was lonely, discouraged, inactive, and unhealthy since their mother had passed away three years earlier. This new love of his life seemed to rejuvenate him and his family was relieved.

The two had met in his small town coffee shop when she was visiting her brother. They noticed each other immediately. Both were alone since their spouses had died. Their pace of life was diminished without the companionship they were accustomed to. Another chance meeting in town and the two became a couple, to the surprise of his neighbors and old friends. However, like his daughters, they were grateful for his happiness.

“I hate these hotel rooms. The coffee makers are gross! Let’s order room service and have a real breakfast sent up.” She actually didn’t have the extra money, but thought her sister could use this small indulgence. Neither woman was well to do, but this trip to surprise their father was worth it. They wanted him to know they not only approved of the marriage, but were happy for him. They had gotten together and decided this trip was necessary, and would make a good start for the relationship of all involved. They contacted the bride to be and arranged for a surprise for their father.

Everything seemed to be going well, especially after the breakfast. Revitalized after a restless night and a delicious meal, they dressed and were anxiously awaiting the meeting. The plan was to meet in a restaurant bar. They were seated to face the door, and nervously sipped their tea. They were mindlessly chatting when both stopped immediately. Curiously looking at each other, they both spoke at once. “Did you feel that?” Both sisters felt the same sensation. “It’s mom.”

The feeling was what they believed to be their mother’s spirit letting them know it was okay. The new bride, the wedding, everything was all right and even that she approved. That is how they described it to their aunt when they arrived back home. There was no other explanation needed or wanted for them.

As their nerves started to settle, a line of people entered the bar, among them was their father and his new love.