Tell Me Something Good-50

As I read amommasview about enjoying her children’s laughter and play, I was reminded of my two youngest playing like that. Last get together we were talking about how they used to strap on those metal roller skates that fit regular shoes. They would go out in the garage where there was an even cement floor, and spray WD40 on the rollers so they could go faster. There were streaks of that oil all over the garage while they raced around or performed, dancing in a circle with clasped hands.

I have some great memories of my kids and now their kids!😍 That’s a very Good Thing!


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  1. I had those same kind of roller skates. My brother had the only key to them though and once they were attached refused to release me from them! Had to wear those silly skates until dad got home from work and made stu loan me the key!

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