The Blue Sky Tag

How cool is this?

I have had my eye on this tag because it’s one of the prettiest awards out there.  Thank you so much to for nominating me.  I found the poetry lover a few months ago and she writes emotional poetry which most us can relate to our lives.


There are eleven questions from her to answer, so here goes.

  1. I don’t have one single favorite song.  I love too many.
  2. One food I can’t live without is bread.  Current favorite is Oroweat Winter Wheat.
  3. I am inspired by my children and grandchildren most of all.
  4. I prefer the warmth and sunshine of summer.  But I love all the seasons.
  5. Well lately my hobby is blogging.  Reading and writing takes a lot of time.
  6. Sports?  Like actual sports?  Not unless you consider unsticking my wheelchair wheels.  They are ornery.
  7. Currently what drives me crazy is the daily news about our new (cough) president.
  8. I have to motivate myself.  I don’t believe you can rely on others to do it for you.
  9. My favorite celebrity at the moment is Jeremy Renner.
  10. What makes me the most happy is my family.
  11. What makes me sad is the misfortune of people in this world.

People to tag for this award are:  now do not be offended if you’re not on this particular list, please!πŸ’ž


Renegade expressions




Frank Prem



Ramblings of a writer



Eleven questions for the above recipients?  Hee hee

  1. Favorite author?
  2. Favorite book?
  3. Favorite color?
  4. Favorite food?
  5. Favorite movie?
  6. Favorite TV show?
  7. Favorite comedian?
  8. Favorite actor/actress?
  9. Favorite child?  Nah, just kidding!
  10. Favorite vacation?
  11. Favorite dream fulfilled would be?

Have fun with it, it doesn’t take too much time…..πŸ€—


19 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag

  1. Go into your Dashboard, toolbar on the left – Click on Media – then Media Library. You will find at the top of that page how much space you have used and how much you have left. I am on free WP and have been for nearly 2 years. I’ve only used 20%. We’re allowed 3GB – that’s a lot.
    I’m not sure what blue sky tags you are referring to. Have you used a lot of different images of blue skies?
    If you are using the same image, you only need to upload it once. But to find it again it is best to use a file name and title that allows you to find it quickly again by going into Search on the Media files.
    Hope this is helpful and makes sense. I find blogging is a constant HUGE learning curve!


    1. I’ve had this problems sometimes too. If the image is not saved to the media files in your Dashboard it will not show up on your posts.
      I once had a big clean out, thinking it would save space. Didn’t realise what would happen. By doing that I also deleted all the images from my posts. Took me a long time to restore everything!!

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  2. Jennifer

    Aw, thanks for tagging me! Here are my answers:

    Favorite author? Living: David Sedaris Dead: Kate Chopin
    Favorite book? The Awakening
    Favorite color? Blue
    Favorite food? Cheese (I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like!)
    Favorite movie? Ooh, so hard to narrow it to just one. Some favorites: Clueless, Gone With the Wind, Twister, Psycho, The Wizard of Oz
    Favorite TV show? The Golden Girls
    Favorite comedian? This is hard. I laughed the hardest at a Michael Ian Black/Michael Showalter show, so I’ll go with them.
    Favorite actor/actress? I don’t really have a favorite.
    Favorite child? I only have one, so he is definitely my favorite!
    Favorite vacation? My honeymoon in Mexico and the last time my family went to the Outer Banks before my mom died
    Favorite dream fulfilled would be? To write and publish a memoir

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  3. Eleven questions for the above recipients? Hee hee

    Favorite author? Currently reading Gaston Bachelard, John Scalzi and Brandan Sanderson. Influential? H. E. Bates.
    Favorite book? Maybe Dune, by Frank Herbert.
    Favorite color? None. Like them all in their own places.
    Favorite food? My wife Leanne’s cooking. (And sirloin steak)
    Favorite movie? Original Star Wars.
    Favorite TV show? Pass. Nothing any good on TV at present.
    Favorite comedian? Pass. The best go nuts when they get famous.
    Favorite actor/actress? Nope.
    Favorite child? Nah, just kidding!
    Favorite vacation? Far North Queensland. The Grampians in Victoria.
    Favorite dream fulfilled would be? Just a good life. That’s enough.


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