If you’re like me……OMG!……I digress…..if you’re like me you have billions of cords hanging around everywhere. Being mostly sedentary, I have an iPad charger cord, cell phone charger cord, lamp cord, CD player cord, headphones cord, TV, DVR, DVD player, laptop cords, and a printer that has an electric and USB cord.  

Again, if you’re like me, (cough) you listen to music or play a video on your iPad at night when apartment rules state you must be quiet, so I use a headphone cord. As I move it constantly gets twisted around my arm. Also the ten foot iPad charger cord if I’m watching something lengthy and don’t want the battery to run out. What would we do without cords? Probably most of you have these items, not all in the same room as I do. And in your cars? My grandkids have their phones or tablets plugged into a tape deck that fits in their cars so they can listen to music they like from their phones.  Heaven forbid you should unplug something while moving around in the car.  

Maybe I’ll contact CW McCall and see if we could write a song about it.🤓🤠


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  1. Yup, I use headphones. I have several sets, all cordless and use bluetooth. The best and most comfortable are the ones made by Bose. Then Bluaudio and finally some from a company called Mpow. The last ones are supposed to be for “active-minded” people. I don’t use them as much. For their size, the sound quality is surprisingly good. They all have phone answering capability, … for? answering a call while using the phone for music. The Bose doesn’t seem to have a mic. in them but you can have a one-sided call.

    Like yourself. I use them so others are not bothered by my choice of music, films but mostly tube channels like David Icke or Richie Allen. Sometimes I watch motorcycle evaluations of both older and newer types. My motorcycling days are over, I think. Unless It had a sidecar, maybe? While I try to reduce those cords. There are a few outlets not used. You can find on Amazon many cord tidying systems. I found a simple and inexpensive cord ties. For when not used, rolling them up.

    In the car? Everyone is subject to my taste in music. Could they plug themselves in to their own? Maybe? Don’t bother to find out. My best trick was to have a wifi printer. Which was more than was planning to buy at the time but grateful for; over a year later. I keep the printer on it’s own small table. Paper is underneath. Then whether it’s phone, laptop or my beloved desktop. I can print without fuss or muss. The wifi can be far less than instant, but it works. Interesting take on twisted … sister. Cheers Jamie

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    1. My items are old so don’t have Bluetooth capability. But I do have AirPrint on my printer so it is slower than just copying, but works great. Also on a small table. I use the iPad for listening and viewing most of the time. Until Starz comes with another season of Outlander, I usually just DVD anything I want to watch so I can zip through commercials. I watch Vikings and SIX on the History channel, taped, and PBS Masterpiece Theater.

      Okay brother, I’m not into Twisted Sister, but I may have to give them a listen. My current favorite is Two Cellos. ☺

      Always love your comments.

      I love motorcycles, riding and hearing them. Haven’t ridden one for millions of years and never drove one.

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    2. When I used to drive, it was my choice. Now I’m subject to the driver’s taste. My 17 year old grandson and I enjoy drums, which he plays, so they are usually involved in whatever music he plays in the car.

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    3. Yeah the TS video was just the connect between your post and my pun on twisted. I prefer the 2 cellos … Never seen Game of Thrones. I know a very little about it? When I lived in Nelson B.C. One of my Taiji group was a big fan. Cheers Jamie

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