Hey!  It’s Moe from the Amazing Race -Team Monkey!

I left that old Wyoming, that wind is terrible!  I packed my bags and ran over to Gloversville, New York.  It is a medium sized town and got its name from leather mills in which gloves are made.  I had a nice time and met a new friend, a dog named Joe!  Joe and I hung out together. We went into town to check out good ol’ Gloversville. Then we visited the post office, and the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce on the busy 4 corners of Gloversville. After that we went back home for a bite to eat.

Me and Joe, he’s cute!



The next day we got up, ate breakfast, and set out for another day of adventure! It was a very blustery day freezing! But we stayed warm. We went to the gym first to work out a bit, then went to the museum in Gloversville, which was actually Sue’s elementary school. Sue is my team leader’s niece.😄I thought it was kind of funny that her school is now a museum. She didn’t think it was soooo funny! Then we went to see where the race horses used to be trained that ran on the Saratoga race track. Boy those buildings were old! Then back home to the apartment! All and all it was a good trip! Now on to Florida yippee!

Love, Moe!