Courtesy, where is it?

I have written a bit about being in a wheelchair.  Basically, the wheels are my feet.  Therefore, I am closer to the ground and might see things others miss while walking straight up.  I have to keep myself rolling on the sidewalks, so I have to make sure to watch where I’m going so I don’t get too near the edge, etc.  That involves “keeping your eyes on the road”.  Unfortunately the road isn’t always so pleasant to look at.

Living in an apartment complex that allows pets is pleasant in lots of ways.  I love dogs and have no pets of my own.  You can see what’s coming, I’m sure.  This complex has “poop” stations everywhere that provide bags for it, and a place to put the used bags.  However, people do not for whatever reason, take advantage of these stations.  I think they just let their dogs poop wherever – whether a foot away from their door without actually walking them to the designated area, or they are too lazy to walk to the end of their sidewalk, possibly a few yards, to use the station.

This causes a problem.  Not only do I have the enjoyment of viewing poop anytime I use the sidewalks, sometimes I can’t avoid it like you can with your feet.  The wheels on the chair take up most of the sidewalk, and unlike your shoes, I can’t leave it outside.  If you happen to misstep and have the unpleasant experience of soiling your shoes or boots, you can take them off.  I can’t take off my wheels.  I also can’t clean them myself.

Where is the thinking of these people?  Where is the courtesy to pick up after your pet?  We’ve had lots of pets over the years.  We used to buy the cheap, non ziplock plastic sandwich bags and carry some with us when walking our dogs.  If needed, you could just fold it over your hand and pick up, and dispose of it at home in the trash bin.  Easy.  We also use someone else’s yard.  

Here there is gravel and snow.  Amazing to me that people can’t just scoop up and dispose, instead of leaving it on top of the snow for everyone else to see, smell, and step or roll in.  Where is COURTESY?


9 thoughts on “Courtesy, where is it?

  1. We have laws and fines in NYC, too. I’ve noticed that depending on the neighborhood, people are more or less diligent about cleaning up after their dogs. Having had dogs in NYC, I don’t understand what’s so difficult about cleaning up after your four-legged-furry-friend. I’m also baffled by the ones who don’t pick up from snow. Do they think the shit melts with the snow? Oy! xoM

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  2. We have a bag dispenser that clips right to our dogs’ collars. That way if they go and there’s no dispenser we can still clean up. It’s disgusting that some people don’t clean up! We don’t even leave it on the side of our country roads!

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