Rory’s Dawdler

Of course a fantasy of mine would be able to walk again. I often use a pencil but it’s a mechanical one. The problem with those is the erasers🙄. I am tired because I can’t get comfortable at night. I have to sleep on my side so I have a hard time placing my arms so my hands don’t go to sleep. I make quick decisions unless it’s life threatening. I have natural curly red hair and use a comb and a brush often. (It’s very windy where I live😂) I have no idea, I have friends I’ve had since childhood, but it’s an individual thing. Good memory for most things, so far…I’m 76😳😂 Since I’m a cancer survivor, I find optimism is key and really, what is the alternative, being a sad sack? Never since I stopped being able to drive or walk. In CO I could use my scooter to go most anywhere and did but here in my new place, not possible. I’m surrounded by busy big highways.

I have to say this set of questions is quite a bummer Rory, but maybe it’s just my own answers? Thanks for the post.


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