Fandango’s Flashback Friday

It was often she felt the longing, irresistible feelings for the guilty pleasure. Many people had this experience and she wanted it too. It seemed forever since the longing had been satisfied, the relief from the inner pangs, the release of endorphins. She would wake in the night with this undeniable craving, reaching out in her dreams, finding nothing there.

It was becoming overwhelming, vmasking her ability to complete ordinary tasks during the day, and at night it was almost unbearable. Sitting alone in the evening her mind would turn to these thoughts and no matter how much she tried to push them away, she didn’t succeed. Thoughts of his warm sweetness on her lips made her salivate.

This night she could bear it no longer. Still in her pajamas, she threw on her coat and ran to her car. The time to reach her destination seemed endless. Then by the river, surrounded in moonlight, she saw him. He was standing in the middle of a small crowd in the park. She made herself keep to a walk as she approached him.

The funnel cake vendor.


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