Thursday Peeve

I am in an apartment complex. I have a square piece of cement that is supposed to be a patio but has a bunch of grass between the cement and parking lot pavement. One perfectly able woman “walks” her dog and lets it poop on (my) area of grass almost every day. Summer is coming and I don’t want to see it or smell it if I choose to sit on my cement square.

Today she looked right at me and let her dog do it’s thing. It’s only a few yards further on the sidewalk to the area she is supposed to be using. An alternative—use your own damn grass!

So after a trying time with WP deleting my typing while trying to write a story, I was not in a gracious mood. After a year and a half of putting up with this behavior, I reported her to the manager’s office. Next time I hit a store I will purchase a sign for my piece of grass. Rant over🤨


11 thoughts on “Thursday Peeve

  1. In the sixties, my father was upset with a woman who let her dog poop at the end of our yard. He had me follow her home on my bike. The next day, he piked up the poop, drove it to her house and threw it on her front yard. He said, “If I have to pick it up, so will you.” He told her he would do that every time she let he dog use our yard as a bathroom. IT never happened again.

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