What Day is it Anyway?

Ever had one of those Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Days? That’s me in the photo complete with my red hair.

I’m looking at one today. Checking my bank account finding out I think I’ve been hacked. I went into my app for the bank and my internet service was out. I was very upset so showered and fixed coffee. As I poured milk into the steaming pitcher from the half gallon container, half spilled on my socks and the open fridge. As I was cleaning this up the coffee receptacle filled completely using all the steam so I had cold milk in my latte. I went to put it in microwave to warm and hit the shelf with the full cup and spilled all down the cupboard and floor.

I had deleted my regular email app and reset it because I was getting over 100 messages of junk and some extremely gross, mixed in with my regular mail and nothing worked to stop it. Now I have new settings but have to redo my contacts.

I’m now going to have lunch and reset my brain and hope that works—something has to🤪



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