Your sight was twenty twenty

I didn’t see us so clearly

I thought my vision perfect

Then you left, and I was merely

A shell, a husk, unwanted cover

Discarded, as a piece of trash

It could not have hurt me more

If you had struck me with a lash

I wished, I wished, but now I see, so perfectly

You and I were but that wish,

Reality—I failed to see.


15 thoughts on “Vision

  1. My sight is twenty twenty
    Now it’s twenty twenty two
    And yet I’ve come no closer
    To clearly seeing you

    Your sight is nearly perfect
    And soon it’s twenty twenty three
    You see the words upon the page
    And yet you can’t see me

    There’s no way of knowing
    If I’ll see twenty twenty four
    And though the years keep flowing
    I may not see many more

    But medicine works wonders
    The pills are keeping me alive
    By avoiding any blunders
    I might make twenty twenty five

    Or adding rest and relaxation
    Into my bag of tricks
    I might just try to sleep it off
    ‘Till twenty twenty six

    If that’s the case we’ll have to meet
    In twenty twenty seven
    If not some earthly coffee shop
    We’ll find one up in heaven

    And if heaven is the venue
    You’ll be excused for running late
    The booking’s only tentative
    For twenty twenty eight

    Let’s set a firmer meeting
    For twenty twenty nine
    When somewhere upon a sunny day
    We’ll both be looking fine

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