Is anyone else having to sign in to WordPress each and every (blank) time you want to leave a comment or like? I just tried to speak this post because of an injured hand and it showed and then promptly disappeared with no touch or word from my mouth.

I don’t know what is up with WP but hey—


9 thoughts on “Steamed!

  1. YES!!! It happens to me about 75% of the time when I try to comment on someone’s post, even though I’m already signed in to my WordPress account! And another thing that keeps happening is if I respond to a comment on one of my posts, it will pop up a red box that says, “You’ve already said that!”, even though I haven’t! One would think that after all these years, WordPress could get it right! Instead, they are going backward!

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  2. I often have to like a post before I read it, otherwise, with commenting, if it doesn’t take the first time, I’ve found unfollowing and then refollowing often fixes the problem. No guarantees. It is WP.

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  3. Happened to me a while back for the first time and intermittently happens. I think it’s to do with setting on the blog you’re trying to post on. Meantime, you should be able to go back to their post in the WP Reader stream and register the Likes there. (My best guess.)

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