SoCS – Is this a joke?

Oh come on, don’t tell me you didn’t think that…
I can predict that the fire alarm will go off and a fire engine and probably an ambulance will show up today. 90% of the days here at this complex, it happens and no longer do I frantically don a coat or shoes and roll up to the lobby. I’ll be sitting, reading, all is quiet and then I’m transported a few feet off my chair by the humongously loud fire alarm. Apparently the water pipes in the building trigger it when it’s really cold…huh?? It’s so loud I keep noise canceling headphones nearby. Seriously!because it will go off about five times in three or four minute intervals.

I’m watching high school basketball – three games today for my granddaughter. I am having problems getting posts from you all since my email is new, so bear with me on responses. Have a good one!!


5 thoughts on “SoCS – Is this a joke?

    1. After I told them what happened (I lost hearing in one ear for a few weeks) they told me I could have asked for a padded gizmo to fit over the alarm. Apparently they offer them to people with babies and people with dogs.

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