dVerse Poets Quadrille


Abide with me, a popular hymn

Sung as a child with no unworthiness contemplated

Sure of comfort and protection from above, walking in the light.

True life experience, seeing unholiness surround,

Lack of love and kindness for each other

To truly abide seems lost.



10 thoughts on “dVerse Poets Quadrille

  1. Ah, the culture of religious hope placed in the midst of real life, innocent child in the midst of arested adults. Though not all like that, but you make the point – too many.

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  2. I’m with Sarah and the sad circle of starting with hope and ending with sadness, Cheryl. As children, the majority of us are ‘sure of comfort and protection’. How sad we grow up to experience the ‘lack of love and kindness for each other’.

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