TLC – Retirement Home?

It’s more than just a building

It’s a place to act out dreams

A playground it is wielding

Your fantasies it seems

There’s singing in the hall

No need to wait or prevaricate

The third floor is for crazies and

Anything your mind hallucinates.

“A retirement from years of work”

The manager sells—somewhat a jerk

Says to “enjoy anything, with a filthy smirk

Come and stay at Jolly Smallys

Stay and do as you like

Retirement is meant to be fun

Sleepy hormones often spike

Anything goes at Jolly’s, come down and see us soon

I promise some adventure under the garden moon”.

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2 thoughts on “TLC – Retirement Home?

  1. Retirement awaits me
    When I have no further use
    My life and I that day
    Will come to something of a truce
    There’ll be nothing looking forward
    And no point in looking back
    Nought to do but sit around
    Awaiting heart attack
    But there’ll be lots of ladies there
    In this geriatric muddle
    Who might be, when the lights go out
    Accepting of a cuddle
    Statistically it’s two to one
    That’s odds that you can’t beat
    In the geriatric sandwich
    They’ll be the bread, I’ll be the meat
    So take me to the old folk’s home
    Let me on the loose
    There’ll be agility in senility
    (At least that’s my excuse)

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