“The Other Side”

Time to watch this again. The man responsible for the choreography in the film is Ashley Wallen, an Australian native who has been dancing since the age of twelve. He has toured Australia and the UK with Kylie Minogue, appeared in films like Moulin Rouge! and The Phantom of the Opera. Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos who played the bartender in this scene also choreographed it.


While Ashley was working on the choreography for the larger numbers, he had the help of Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos for “The Other Side.” You’ll instantly recognize Daniel as the bartender in the meticulously crafted bar scene with Hugh and Zac.

“He came up with most of that number. And I remember watching in the studio, that was a tough one for Hugh and Zac. Everything was synced with the beat and the music. But they pulled it off, and it’s really good. You watch it, and you don’t realize how hard that really is.”

Not only is the sequence a feat of choreography, but also editing and sound mixing. There is an incredible attention to detail – with every glass, bottle, and even chair movement. The complexity of the number becomes more and more prevalent upon multiple viewings.

“And trying to make it natural from an acting point of view, with the beat and music is tough. But it’s brilliant.”




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