First Lines Friday

“I take it as a given that no one really likes to see me in my official capacity, but doctor Chau seemed more annoyed than most. I showed up for the open heart surgery she was performing. “Tell me that’s not the person I think it is”, Chau said to Shiela Reeves. Reeves, the hospital administrator, had accompanied me into the scrub room. Chau was scrubbing up and after her initial glance refused to look at me, as well as several other members, scrubbing up for the operation.”

The Dispatcher is a 2016 science fiction novella by John Scalzi. It was originally published as an audiobook from Audible, read by Zachary Quinto.

From Goodreads: “…Tony Valdez is a Dispatcher – a licensed, bonded professional whose job is to humanely dispatch those whose circumstances put them in death’s crosshairs, so they can have a second chance to avoid the reaper.”

I found mixed reviews but I really enjoyed this book. One review said it had no humor but I strongly disagree. I listened to it on the audible app and liked the narrator. I also liked the sequel. It has an old radio-noir-mystery feeling to it.


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