Fandango’s Story Starter

This week’s Story Starter teaser is: TODAY SHE WOULD FIND OUT IF HER ENTIRE LIFE WAS A LIE.

Not only a lie but a surprising one at that. Her three sisters and two brothers all sat around her in the lawyer’s office. There had never been any camaraderie between the six of them since her father passed away when she was eight years old.

Sniping looks prevalent and the atmosphere was dour. As the portly lawyer settled in his oversized office chair and leaned back surveying his audience, he finally pushed his glasses up and began reading the will.

“To my hateful children I leave absolutely zero, nothing, nothing at all. My entire fortune and belongings will be donated to the Save the Apes Foundation of which I am fond. Those unloved creatures will be able to live and enjoy my mansion and beautiful gardens as long as they live and procreate, with a caretaker and on-site veterinarian, provided by me, of course.”

Then the real truth came out about her mother’s beliefs that we were all created from apes and this was going to be her legacy. She and her brothers and sisters were all brought up mostly by her dad in a strict religious environment and this was a shock to them all.



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