Simply Six Minutes


Told by a Curious Cat

No one knew what was behind that taped door, the door with what looked like police caution tape. Surely it was taped up and closed because it held some secret evidence they hadn’t yet discovered or it was a huge bloody mess? Well that’s just ridiculous. If there had been a crime or a murder, there would have been screaming, especially in a library where everyone is always extremely quiet or at least asked to be? So what could it be? What could be behind the caution taped door?

I’ve always been a curious person…sometimes to my own detriment. But this was a true happening right here in front of me, a mystery I felt I had to solve. If there had been a murder, I want to know about it. I want to know who it was, in the library and maybe the “body” is still here? All the regular people who attend the library are present, so who could it have been?

All these are perfectly normal questions but then I think, hmmm, there was this one mysterious man who came in to borrow one of Agatha Christie’s novels the other day. Oh I can’t really remember the title but maybe it had to do with committing a murder; well most of her books do!

I’m going to look through the card catalog and see if I see a strange new name or a recently filled out card. Yep, I am on the prowl.


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