What Day is it Anyway?

According to the calendar it’s almost the end of July and we are seeing some weird weather even here in WY with daily thunderstorms.

Yesterday my daughter )wheelchair pusher even with a sore knee) and I went to Cheyenne Frontier Days since we hadn’t been since moving here eight years ago.

As soon as we were settled in her car it began to rain, thundered, and lightning all over the place. Just what a person who is in a metal chair wants to be out in😂. We finally found a parking space and that took a while since the people who run CFD decided to charge $25 to park in a handicapped space—what? Discrimination I cry!

When we thought it had stopped, we walked/rode to the grounds and were told by a CFD guard to take a certain path to go in. The path was strewn with vendors of all kinds, cars, mostly, so I bet he was getting a kickback. I know…with age comes cynicism.

After rolling through mud, puddles of sawdust, tobacco spit, and general grossness which accidentally plopped on my long sleeves, we found a place to actually enter.

We asked a vendor if we could snag a couple of napkins to wipe off my sleeves and were told no, he didn’t have any, then turned around and opened a box with at least three huge rolls of paper towels. Needless to say we would have starved to death before buying anything from him!

The food was off the charts expensive of course. It was $18 for a hamburger bun with beef brisket but it tasted good and then we splurged to split a carnival staple, funnel cake for $10. “When in Rome” I said.

It was “free if you live in Cheyenne” day and the only reason we went. The concert night at which the cheapest ticket was $229 was Night Ranger and Kid Rock. Of course it was mind numbingly loud even if you weren’t in the stadium. I wouldn’t pay two cents to see Kid Rock anyway. We stood in a place where you could see about one foot of the top of the screen showing the concert for a few minutes. My daughter loved Night Ranger and after they played Sister Christian we headed home. We watched my granddaughter and her friends on the Kamikaze ride where she screamed so loud I’m surprised she could talk afterwards😂. I never cared much for rides like that even as a kid. It was her first time at a carnival and she, of course loved it.

All in all my curiosity is satisfied and I doubt I’ll ever go there again. It is the chief fund raiser for the state and I see the reason for it. I think I may be one generation past seeing the enjoyment of it?

It did rain on us a bit but didn’t bother us. I’m glad we went.