Cyranny’s 1MinFic

It was her first time seeing the machine and she didn’t want to look like a dork trying it. It seemed like Donna looked like a dork no matter what she tried to do. Probably part of the reason was that her nickname in school had always been “Donna the dork“. It completely influenced her experience in school and even now as an adult, still a bit clumsy, she was shy to try new things.

Suddenly she was pushed by people behind her, onto the moving staircase. She desperately clung to the side rail trying to adjust her feet not to get caught in those jagged metal steps. As it went along it didn’t seem to be too bad but then the top came too quickly, and once again she was pushed and shoved off the device. Of course she tripped a bit but didn’t fall and as she straightened up and looked back at the escalator, she smiled in triumph.