After moving into the new apartment complex I found I can’t take my trash out to the humongous dumpster myself. It’s not accessible to wheelchairs. The manager said I need to call the office and one of the maintenance guys will take it for me.

I can imagine what a pita they think I am. When she first told me that, I said no way I’m going to call somebody every time I need my trash taken out, but that’s what I have to do. She won’t let me leave it outside my door so I have to wait for them to come, let them in and they pick it up and take it out. I invested in some huge thick construction bags and pile my regular trash bags in it to be taken once a week. They’re so big and thick the trash is well sealed. They’re never filled but you could store a body in them they are so big😱😂. The guys are always nice and say it’s fine, but I feel bad about it.


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  1. I’m glad the maintenance guys don’t mind, but I think they could work something out for you. You shouldn’t have to warehouse your trash. Still, I’ve used thos bags in my shop, they are strong.

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