The scent of money is in the air as we sent our bank account reeling after watching gas prices increase 20 cents in three days. Get a hybrid or electric car? Don’t bother coming here. We have no places to charge it and even if we installed our own charger as Fandango did, our trips to sports games are too far to hold it that long, plus no place to recharge when we get there. A flaw in the system. Meanwhile the pipeline debacle has caused multiple problems with employment that added to oil workers and miners searching for a job. I realize this has no easy solution. Towns are disappearing with lack of mining employment. Say you were started as a miner at the age of 16-18 and now 30? Where are you supposed to get a job to feed your family or pay your rent? Any ideas?


Thanks, Dan!


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  1. It doesn’t seem like anyone has any answers, Cheryl. I remember when I graduated from college – no jobs to be found. I ended up moving three times in five years in search of better jobs (coast to coast twice).

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