Word of the Day: Pristine

I am a lover of pie

No need to wonder why

I grew up with berries and fruit

My love is resolute

However my baking attempts

Probably breed contempt

So I bought some frozen shells

And the filling as well

No recommendation here

As in the jar I peered

“Looks weird” I said, thoughtfully

Not rhubarb remembered, plausibly

Tasted okay, but too mild

Not nearly like as a child

Let’s just say frozen shells are unyielding

Broke apart, so very unweilding

But I soldiered on

Placed the pie upon

A pristine blanket of foil

The top looks a bit strange

As I lifted it out of the range

But I’m not one to waste

So gave it a taste

Maybe I should have used “broil”?


Nope, no pics of this but it tasted okay, JUST okay😂


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