dVerse – Prosery – 1-18-21


I reluctantly open my eyes, reach for my phone to see what problems have arisen overnight, while thinking, “I’ll just look at the weather forecast.” Of course I know it already: windy, cold even with the sun coming through the window. I tell myself to not seek the news reports. Why start my day with the inevitable reports of violence, hate speech and viciousness?

I’m seemingly driven to it, and as an older person, I have seen these occurrences before—they are not a surprise to me since I’ve lived in areas of these “united states” where it’s daily life, lived. I’ve seen civil unrest up close and personal. I’ve seen blatant hate and discrimination on faces too near me. Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy, I wonder if my grandchildren or theirs, will ever be able to lift these burdens.



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