A2Z Multiple

Remember back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, even 90s when you had one computer—maybe? One telephone/cel phone, one television, one beeper or communication device?

Of course I do, because I’m old😂. My first cel phone was only a cheap safety device in case I took another fall when my legs gave out unexpectedly. I only started texting a few years ago and messaging and snap chat two years ago. I tried FB and T but hate both of them now and don’t use. I also tried Instagram for a brief time, yuck.

Okay you think, you’re old and old fashioned—I admit it. Instead of these types of communication which I personally think have been a detriment to relationships, why not take the time to actually look a person in the eye and speak? Possibly listen too?

Maybe then, these horrid outbursts you see and hear everyday would lessen because you are there, taking full responsibility for your words and actions, not hiding behind one of your multiple devices.



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