Simply Six Minutes


“What’s that dear? Oh I won’t forget, Charlie’s game starts at six, right? Yes, I’ll stop by for the team snacks, or I could make a snack here that’s more healthy, what do you think?” Jim had already left for his job—no answer received. He knew it would all be done, and done right. It always was, it was expected. “ Charlie! Time to get up! What would you like for breakfast sweetie?”

Sue put her hair up in a pony tail and washed her face, scrubbing herself awake. Look at those tired eyes she thought. Is that a wrinkle? Sue always judged herself in the morning, in a mirror with harsh light. She always wanted to look her best. It was expected.

She carefully applied makeup and combed her hair around her face. She dressed, checked her watch, knowing it was almost time for her volunteer job at the library. She wouldn’t want to be late, they always knew she would arrive on time, it was expected.


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