3TC – Artiste

Joe always lived vicariously through his oldest son Jack. He too, secretly wanted to be an artist and his son’s dream had been accomplished. None of his roommates in the university could doubt Jack had the talent, even though they were tired of finding black ink stains in their dorm room, all sizes of brushes left to soak in the sink, and sketches piled on the shelves. At home, Joe marveled at his son’s ability and was happy to enjoy it as an observer, if not the actual artist himself.



https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2022/02/09/three-things-challenge-869/?like_actor=102337606&like_hmac=5f91cc2e82734452932f673ab31cbdbf&postid=80133&like=1&source=sub_email – ink kink sink

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