They watched the “trial”

“We watched the trial and thought the prosecution did a good job. But many things happened that prejudiced clear thinking right away. The judge acted erratically. Every now and then he would stop reading and look around as if trying to understand what he, himself was doing. He outlawed any referral to the dead people as ‘victims’. But he allowed the protesters to be called rioters. The charge of being underage and having an illegal gun was dropped, which is one thing maybe could have got Rittenhouse some prison time.”

“At one point as the judge was reading the very long instructions (on each charge) taking over an hour, he stopped. He looked puzzled. He then said, sorry, I made a mistake. He had been reading some paperwork from a different trial he had been on. WHAT???? And then he let Rittenhouse draw the names of jurors that would not be used. Like he was the judge’s pet; a very unusual never-done thing. Simple little things, maybe, but could have swayed the jury.”

We are seeing this more and more, prejudiced judges and jurors. It is a disgrace. Not a shred of guilt? We can now expect more terrible acts done if there are no consequences.


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  1. I agree, its a disgrace, he was guilty and he should’ve got prison time! Now what will this tell others? Oh go get a gun and bring it to a protest and shoot cuz you won’t get jail time! Shocking!

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