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I never want to run into a spider or it’s web anytime anywhere😳

Yes I believe in other dimensions. I hope to visit one after death🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m not a fan of graveyards in general, but no.👻

The most frightening book I ever read was “It” by Stephen King, when it was published in 1986. I was a fan of his stories, but he quickly became too prolific to keep up. I’m sure there are more scary books out there but I’m no longer a horror fan.🤡

A wolf because I love them and don’t think they are scary.🐺

♥️I am grateful my daughter’s tests showed she does have a serious medical condition but treatable. With both parents having had cancer, we were holding our breath. Thank the gods♥️


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  1. Thanks, Cheryl, for Sharing Your World! Yay for ‘Team Wolf”, those Black Cats were making serious ground! 🐺 You’re the second person to mention “It” as the scariest book. It isn’t King’s most scary, but it was very frightful indeed! Congratulations on the good news about your daughter. If you have some answers, I tend to think that makes even sobering news bearable. Best wishes on it all!

    Have a wonderful week! 🙂

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