Winter Morning

A grisly cold day was wafting its way into the kitchen and breakfast was going to be a puerile treat. It was the first day of winter which was settling in with Jack Frost windows and traditional hot chocolate was already sitting on the table.

I stirred up their favorite chocolate chip pancakes. The scent of chocolate called them to sit lined up like birds on a wire at the counter, ready to partake.

The youngest of the brood ran to the window and exclaimed “it’s snowing! This is going to be a terrific day!”


16 thoughts on “Winter Morning

  1. No two posts on the same list of prompt words could be more dissimilar than yours and mine, but yours is much more delicious! Would you believe I’ve never had chocolate chip pancakes? I think that must be remedied.


    1. Autumn is going to preschool, doing very well in reading and outdoor activities – snowboarding, camping, rock climbing, camping… Nora started daycare in September because my daughter got a job when companies started hiring after the pandemic eased a little. I’m going to see them every sis weeks or so.


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