Fandango’s Friday Flashback – SYW 9-3-18


First I have to thank for all of her hard work on this Share Your World section of WP. I think everyone enjoys it and appreciates the time she has put into it along with all of the other challenges she has. So we’ll miss you, but keep in touch!

Also, a hearty welcome to the new lady in charge: I love the new colors on the badge! Thank you for accepting the challenge and taking on this responsibility.

A big thank you to both ladies!


My answers for today’s questions:

1. I tell my grandchildren a lot of stories about growing up a million years ago, on a dairy farm, our family life then and my life with their grandfather and their mom as she grew up. Of course I also tell it like it is, maybe too much?

2. I can’t really think of anything except my first “real” job. Starting out as a clerk and ending up as a secretary to a large group of scientists. The first part was a clerk in a small room with two middle aged good old boys who did their best to embarrass me every day. The next job in the same building but a different section, was great, treated with dignity and respect.

3. This question is funny. Probably I would say, thinking I am funny.

4. Maybe the worst thing I could overhear while going under for surgery would be, “you got this. . .right?”

I appreciated hearing from someone I worry about that they are okay. All quiet on the western front as everyone else was out of town. I finished “Downton Abbey” and made a cup of creme brûlée caramel coffee at home. I even topped it with whipped cream. Not exactly perfect, but I’ll keep at it.

2 thoughts on “Fandango’s Friday Flashback – SYW 9-3-18

  1. Actually nothing would change in my answers. It’s been very difficult watching the decline of my country each day in the news reports. I do tell my children and grands of the days of protests when I grew up in the fifties, sixties. It is certainly disheartening now that my family is grown and I have more time, to see all the efforts of those days may be disenfranchised now.


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