Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Journey

It doesn’t take long, in fact it is incredibly fast. You don’t realize it of course until you are sitting by yourself, only seeing your life in fading photographs, but it is a journey all the same.

Children wishing for something exciting, something new, to be older, to be what books promise, living a life with happiness complete. That would have been possibly a pleasant journey, but boring to look back on–for some, some like me who dreamed as a child and imagined an exciting journey.

Would I be Nancy Drew or one of the Hardy Boys’ friends, solving great mysteries? Would I be a teller of tall tales or turn into a mermaid when I dipped my toes into the sea? My favorite dreams of course, were imagined as I watched the Disney castle light up on our small tv. I wished to be one of those girls who ended up a princess with my very own prince.

Then life happens, and the imagined journey turns into reality and even though the journey is interesting and good, it is not what I fantasized.


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  1. This is true Cheryl that we seldom achieve what we dream of as children. But having a family, raising children and getting to old age in a state of peace is a wonderful achievement by itself

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