A2Z 4-6-21

E for electronic mail shortened to e-mail which has been shortened just like everything else to email. Why? I don’t know or care really except it prevents an extra step on my keyboard. It’s faster–everything seems to be faster these days and I’m guilty of using these shortcuts myself. Text speak is the norm, definitely quicker if you understand it. Don’t get me started on emojis which I often use and the risqué interpretations of such. I have teenage grandkids and I certainly can’t keep up with the latest such as brother used in my day, to bro, then bruh? I just try to keep a straight face when they’re used. Email is great for me since I have to scooter up to the end of the complex in order to mail a letter and sometimes it’s inconvenient. I have one sister who won’t use email, two that do, and snapchat with one. Whatever, bruh😃



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