16 thoughts on “#writephoto 6-18-20

  1. This is lovely.

    They’re not brave, of course. They just fly around because they are birds. That’s what birds do. Sometimes, maybe, they get struck by lightning.
    It’s odd how we attach these noble characteristics to birds, don’t you think? The scarlet macaw mates for life (so does the bald eagle, by the way) and we all say, “isn’t that sweet? Isn’t that virtuous?” But the scarlet macaw thinks no such thing, “it might be sweet,” they tell us, “but it’s not virtuous. We’re scarlet macaws. That’s what we do. We’re just not into that other stuff.”
    And suddenly I seem to be condoning human promiscuity.
    I’m not.
    Though I’m not necessarily reviling it, either.

    More importantly I am wavering off track. Is that a further sign of snowballing senility?
    I’ll tell you tomorrow.
    If I remember.

    But let me say it again.
    Lovely poem.

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    1. Thanks RR but I love birds, wanted to be one to fly in my wee years. I took my daughters Amazon yellow nape to stay with us when he became mean and he was funny, said a lot of things that were in context and enjoyable at first. Then we had live in company and he was not no 1 any longer. I have many scars to prove it. Finally had to give him to a bird shop.

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