MLMM Tale Weaver 6-18-20

I thought it was just the ticket, but my happiness was not to be fulfilled. One of my favorite performers was coming to Denver for a one night show. I had asked him a few times to come to my area since years ago he had come to Wyoming. He was to be in a blues club in downtown Denver. I bought two tickets in advance and was waiting to go when I could not find a ride to the club. It is about two hours from me but I thought surely I would be able to find someone to give me a ride.

About three days before the event I finally put the tickets on my FB site hoping my Denver relatives would take advantage of the free tickets, since I’d given up on thinking I could get a ride. The two people near me that would drive me were willing, but not 21, so wouldn’t be allowed in the club with me.

As a result I lost out on the show, the ticket money spent and it was all a big disappointment, but I learned not to buy in advance. I wrote the performer telling him I was sorry to miss his gig, but he replied, someone get that girl a Uber! It was funny as I told him there aren’t any services like that where I am.

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