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1. My favorite cookie/biscuit is a hermit. My mom used to make them and I can’t find them anywhere now.

2. This is an odd question because I can’t think of one age to be. I had great times at every age.

3. As a couple, we used to have parties for the neighborhood during the holidays. We had a rum infused eggnog punch that was my husband’s specialty.

4. Until 2013 when my husband died of cancer, yes. Since then, it’s been a hard row to hoe.

5. As always, every day, I am grateful for having food, shelter, clothing and safety, but most of all, the love of my family.


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  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World! Your mother’s cookies look amazing (if that photo is of some). My condolences on your husband, mine passed in 2012. It’s certainly different ‘after’ such a thing, isn’t it? Happy Holidays and here’s hoping a little magic finds you!

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