MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – Choosing Context

He noted the situation had become grim/concerning/chucklesome.


Not everyone enjoys a good joke as well as Joshua Pigbottom. In fact many late afternoons in the local pub brought gales of laughter for some and disgusting comments from others. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Joshua from espousing every worn out comic reference till the lateness of the day sent most listeners home for supper.

Mr. Pigbottom was not that lucky. In fact the only “family” he had was the group of pub customers that gathered every afternoon. One neighbor only, Charlie, had tried to befriend Joshua, realizing his evening lights stayed on till morning, and his garden terribly overgrown. The neighbor had knocked on Joshua’s door many times receiving no answer. He noted the situation had become grim.

The neighbor’s day began after Joshua left for work. Charlie started trimming the grass, pulling weeds, and even planted a few bright flowers near Joshua’s entry door. As the day wore on, Charlie could hardly wait to see Joshua‘s reaction when he came home. He peeked out of his curtains to see Mr. Pigbottom turn into his yard.

Suddenly Joshua stopped still, observing the garden, and looked around to see if he was in the right place. Charlie was laughing behind his hiding place and then was surprised to see Joshua retrieve a handkerchief from his back pocket. As he dabbed his tears, Charlie came out of his home, went up to Joshua, and introduced himself.


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