Story time

Mathilde B Goode was an independent soul from the age of three. She realized at this ripe old age that she had to stand up for herself. It began when everyone except her immediate family constantly mispronounced her name without the “h”. Her small voice became louder and more so as she would repeat the correct pronunciation until they said it right. Then of course she became known as Goody, a taunt from other elementary students when they realized she was no ordinary seven year old who took no prisoners.

After enduring her school years, Mathilde excelled in college and received honors with her degrees. She was never satisfied until she had achieved two doctorates, one in English Literature and one in Communications. She was adamant in trying to better educational systems, and her success was yet to be achieved to her satisfaction.

It was a lonely life Mathilde lived, as she concentrated on educational goals and her dreams of improving communication skills in the coming generation. This was all about to change one afternoon as she entered yet another library in the city. Walking the aisle of modern literature, she noticed and was noticed by a man in his early thirties. They happened to reach for the same volume and the attraction began.

Tea for two in the library cafe was a weekly treat and many discussions about the loss of basic language skills in the school system. Both Mathilde and her new friend were determined to change things. As a result they co-found a new set of textbooks that were student friendly. Having completed one of her goals, it was an easy time for Mathilde to concentrate on something else for a time– romance.

Samson D Lightfull had a similar childhood background and the two blended together like sugar and cream. They spent their middle years together improving school education programs all through the US and retired feeling they had succeeded in their goals.

Mathilde and Samson had two children, Mary and Joe, not as extraordinary as their parents, but the family had the most important thing, love , and of course, a proper education.