Eugi’s Weekly Prompt 7-13-20

Identity is shown at first in your appearance. Your expression, your clothes, all an attitude you put forth in greeting someone new. What they see is how they interpret what you think. Like it or not, until they hear what you think, your appearance is what they go on.

A comedian I’ve shared here before has some thoughts on the subject of airport dress. In “days of old” (you might think) if you were traveling, you wore a dress, a suit, or at the very least, a pressed fabric. This comedian suggests people wear pajamas now, and I admit, I see pajamas everywhere today.

Don’t get me wrong. Since I’m in a wheelchair I never wear dresses, it’s too much fabric to get caught in the wheels. I dress comfortably but no pajamas or sweats in public. I like to see other people dressed well and no, I don’t like seeing wrinkled outfits or stained or dirty clothing. And cover your butts ladies, I don’t care to see your private parts on display. Wear what you want at home, but show your dignity in public, please.



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